Stacia, Brenia & Lorelai’s Family

Stacia, Brenia and Lorelai live at home with their parents, 2 cats, a dog and a ferret. Dad works as a software developer, and Mom runs a variety of niche websites.

In between carpool, skate parks and bounce house trips, Mom & Dad have been blogging most of the girls' lives.

Now, it's their turn!

Savannah’s Family

Savannah splits her time between her parents' homes. She has a dog, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. During basketball season, you can find her with pom pons, cheering on the home team.

The rest of Savannah's family doesn't blog, but she will!

Maddy’s Family

Madeline lives in fairy tale land. She shares a home with 2 dogs, 2 cats, a pirate, a fairy and her mom. She dances around when she is not busy knowing everything.

A year ago, Maddy's family had barely even heard of blogs. Now, they have 3.


Stacia is a 13-year-old drama queen. Her hobbies include drawing, cooking and listening to Justin Bieber My World 2.0. Stacia also enjoys eating chocolate and pizza. Stacia does not like to clean so her room looks like a construction zone.

Stacia blogged off and on as a young child and is excited to start again.


Savannah is a 13 year old girl. She enjoys walking, running, and playing with her rottweiler, Mishka. Savannah loves the color purple! Savannah's favorite thing to do is text on her phone!:) It never leaves her side ever! ;) Savannah enjoys hangin' out with her besties! One of Savannah's favorite things to do in summer is swim in her pool with her friends! Savannah loves sherbert ice cream. YUMMY! :P Its her favorite. She also enjoys a a chocolate bar now and then! Savannah has always wanted to go sky diving!:) Savannah loves to go camping and make s'mores with her family. She usely goes to a lake to camp and she loves to swim in the lake. Savannah loves traveling to places even when she sits in the car for hours and hours. Savannah enjoys going on walks with her friends. She loves chillin' with her family. Savannah is very fond of scary movies that creep you out and give you the chills from your toes to the top of your head! She is always cracking jokes! Sometimes you will even catch her reading a good book!


Maddy is 9 years old. She loves riding her bike and playing outside. She loves cooking. Her favorite thing to cook is spaghetti. She loves dance. It is awesome!

This is Maddy's first experience with blogging, born mostly out of her mom's desire to encourage summer writing.


Brenia is 8 years old. She loves her d.s.i. She loves cats. She loves to cook. She loves animals. She loves pizza. Yum! She's gluten free.

While she has been blogged about since infancy, this is Brenia's first experience with blogging.


Lorelai is a 5-year-old bullet train. Her favorite food is everything. She likes to play with toys that don't belong to her. She'll wear dresses, pants or skirts—as long as they're green.

Lorelai has been entertaining the internets since she learned to talk and will be vlogging, at least until she learns to write.